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Types of Interactive Spaces that define a vibrant apartment community

As more and more people come into the city, the role that an urban living space plays has become more important than ever. Gone are the days, where most people lived within 20 kilometers of where they were born. With better education and job opportunities drawing everyone to the city, our neighbours often double up as surrogate families. A good relationship with the others in your apartment can greatly help an individual or a family cope with the fast paced and often lonely life in a city.

Add to this the impact that technology and internet has had on everybody’s lives. Today, we are more connected than ever to everyone from around the globe with real time information flooding our newsfeed. While the positive side of technology and information is undeniable there is an obvious downside to this as well. The urban population is finding themselves having fewer and fewer interactions with real people. While we still meet people who are part of our inner social circle of friends, family and colleagues, the opportunity to interact with newer individuals and families is on the decline.

This is where an open and physical interactive space in your apartment community comes into play. Today, the architecture and the design of an apartment plays a very important role in shaping the residential community. The architects and the team behind ‘Falling Waters’ at Perungudi had a very specific vision about creating an apartment complex that offered more than just a beautiful home. The entire project revolves around the concept of Organic Architecture which transforms an apartment complex to a holistic living space where human interaction, nature and architecture mix seamlessly.

Having a well-designed and a well thought of area developed around and inside an apartment, changes these public spaces from an ‘area you need to pass through to get home’ to an ‘area you can enjoy and experience’ at all times. In a congested metropolitan city, using these spaces efficiently greatly improves the quality of life of the residents of that apartment community. Here, we have listed a few such interactive spaces that greatly impact the lives and help develop healthy relationships for people of all age groups living in an urban flats.


The central area of an apartment complex is always the heart of the community due to the fact that it’s the most visible section and is viewed by everyone. When designed well, this area can double up as a place to relax in the evenings, discuss anecdotes and share stories with your neighbours. It even leads to the formation of groups of people who have something in common. For an elderly couple, meeting other individuals of the same age group can prove greatly therapeutic and instill the feeling of having an independent social life.

Music, Dance and Theatre are also an important part of community life. It’s a great platform for both adults and kids to create something with the community and present it as a way to bond with the others. An amphitheater is a perfect venue to encourage the members of the community to showcase this. It also doubles up as an area where plenty of seating space is available for everyone while being surround by trees and plants, making it a perfect place to mingle with the others. At Falling Waters, a similar space has been created and is one of the highlights of living in this community.


In a hot city like Chennai, a dip in the pool at the end of the day is nothing less than pure bliss! Combine that with the fact that it’s a very good exercise for all. It’s a great weekend activity to spend some quality time with the kids or a quick swim all by yourself can help you unwind after work. It’s also a place where you are likely to bump into your neighbours having a good time with their families. The pool at Falling Waters is aptly called ‘SPLASH’ and is constructed on a higher floor to ensure adequate privacy while doubling up as a perfect place to throw a barbeque party with family & friends.


What better way to spend some quality time with people than to bond over fun games? A game of table tennis or pool not only helps you relax but also helps your kids learn effective ways to interact with other kids. The Games room or ‘TRUMP’ is a part of ‘The CLUB’ at Falling Waters where nature and intelligent architecture combine to create a wonderful space for people to naturally interact with one another.


A large hall is a very convenient option for families to host functions and parties which in turn becomes a fun area for people in the apartment community to meet one another. With big spaces being a scarcity in the urban areas, having a meeting hall within the complex is a huge advantage. The hall at Falling Waters or The LIVING ROOM is a beautiful space with high roofs and brightly lit interiors and is available for residents to make use of. Falling Waters also has an additional open air party hall called The VERANDA to celebrate your special occasions and an additional space called The SAVOUR ideal for smaller occasions.


The Visitors Lounge is a unique space designed conveniently at each block at Falling Waters to network with the others or to conduct small meetings with your visitors. There are 5 separate Visitors Lounge located at each of the five blocks, namely, AURA, BLISS, CORAL, DAWN, EDEN

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