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Top home décor trends to look out for in 2016

Every year brings in new trends in fashion, food and fun. The field of home décor is no different. A home is no longer a place to just come back to after work and rest for the night. It’s a personal space that often reflects your personal sense of style. Keeping your home up to date with the popular trends world over is the perfect way to ensure that your home is trendy and stylish like you! We have put together the top decorating trends to look forward to this year.

Geometric tiles

The use of neutral colors for contemporary interiors leaves us looking for ways to make a room look brighter and attractive. This is where geometric tiles come in. While it was once restricted to just the bath rooms, designers are now looking at these gorgeous and fun tiles for other space such as work area, kitchen and hallways. While some rely on vivacious color, others stick to good old ‘black and white’ to get the job done! It is fun, trendy and in vogue. Go get them now!

Nature comes indoors

Modern day houses are not as large as it used to be. So having a backyard is not something you see in too many houses. This is especially true if you live in an apartment. Having said that, surrounding yourself with greenery is not something you need to miss out on while living in an apartment. You can buy plants of many shapes and sizes to decorate your house. For example trade your bedside lamp for a leafy fern. It is not only unique but also adds a hint of surprise and can turn an ordinary bed room into a minimalist enchanted forest. Or opt for miniature bonsai plants that are adorable, compact and add the perfect dash of green in a room. Falling Waters by The Flying Elephant Corp., OMR goes a step further to ensure that the residents enjoy green space even if they step out of the apartment. With a green and lush central courtyard, artistically landscaped surroundings, one can be surrounded by nature while living in the heart of Chennai!

Black Stainless steel

While every season, there is a new color is in demand but black is always in fashion. This year replace your silver appliances with sleek black stainless. Most appliances companies are introducing their appliances in black to match this trend as well. It has the classic appeal of traditional stainless, but with a contemporary character all its own. You can even go for a monochrome kitchen with black fittings to go with your back stainless steel appliances for a striking and sophisticated look.

Traditional tableware

Traditional tableware, which was restricted to restaurants are making an entry into the home décor space as well. Designers are now suggesting traditional crockery with a modern twist. This traditional tableware is contemporary and brings a touch of elegance in to your dining space. Stick to the Gold, silver, and platinum crockery to create an elegant ambience. Also it is an old school thought that the tableware is strictly to be used while serving food. Place your attractive tableware on a counter next to your dining table and it doubles up as a décor piece as well!

Tech Free Living Room

When we walk into a living room, the first thing you usually see is a television set. Add to this the typical technical trappings of speakers, DVD players and many more. Modern houses these days also have home theater attached to their big TV screens. However, the trend this year is to get rid of technology from the living room. Convert one of your bedrooms into a tech friendly zone keeping your living room technology free. Your living room should be bright, airy and meant only for long conversations with friends and family. If you have a view like the apartments at Falling Waters then all you need to do to unwind is prop your leg on a table and enjoy the surroundings with a good book!

Space saving furniture

With the lifestyle of people quickly changing, homes are becoming smaller. The new age interior designers or home-makers no longer prefer large bulky furniture. The trend is space saving furniture that are stylish and serves several other purposes all at once. For example, a simple c-shaped laptop table to rest your laptop while watching TV or reading a book are in fashion. Even modular sofa, that can be rearranged to suit your needs are making an entry. Space saving furniture is low maintenance and looks fabulous for your homes.

Artisan Goods

Wooden arm chair with intricate carvings, antique brass kundas, Channaputna toys with a modern twist are some examples of antique and artisan good used in the home décor scene currently. A rural town on the outskirts of Bangalore, Channapatna is known for its lacquered wood toys. A lot of designers are using them to add a bit of color into your home. You can buy them here. Get inspired by local trends, India is full of artisans coming up with beautiful art pieces that are unique and can add a bit of sparkle to your house.

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