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Top Home Automation Devices

Home Automation is no longer in the domain of add-ons. It has become a basic necessity in most homes. With the current technological advancements, homeowners can customize it according to their ease. Home Automation is not just about security cameras and touch-automated doors. The kind of advancements, the field is seeing, nothing is sci-fi anymore. In India, even though the adoption took off late, there has been a substantial number of adopters in the recent years. From just automating it for security, home owners have now opted to control their HVACs (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioners). Home automation does not mean clunky gadgets and cluttered floors. These have become a part of the interiors and are subtly integrated into the homes. The sudden adoption can be attributed to the fact that, the usage of smart phones and smart gadgets is at its peak, and all these gadgets are interconnected, making our lives simpler and much easier.

The most important trend in India in this regard is, the early adopters were not just the affluent few, but builders and developers also. With many developers offering properties with basic automation, the smart homes technology has been quickly embraced by the Indian households.

Why it is called smart homes, one might wonder. Imagine this scenario; your home wakes you up in the morning, not only with the coffee ready, but also your breakfast. It maintains the temperature at home, as is comfortable for you. It opens your garage door and can close it as you rev your car. Not only that, it can also turn on and off the lights and fans and efficiently save energy. If a house can do all of this, isn’t it only fair, to call it ‘Smart’?

The Home Automation sector has experienced many new developments in the recent years. Here are some of the top automation devices that are making it huge in the Indian markets:.


From mood based lighting sensors to the scene based sensors, this space has a good deal of interesting options. They can be programmed to turn on and off at a certain time of the day or on certain conditions. Most commands are through an app on the smart phone. The best thing about lighting automation devices is that, it is very convenient to play around with shades and is great for DIY lightings at home. Based on preset parameters, the light, shades, colour adjusts automatically. Smart Lighting devices are an Interior designers’ best friend. These are very helpful in accentuating the textures and the interiors, in general. From house parties to family functions, these devices play an important role in setting the right ambiance. You can show off you wall painting and your artwork by accenting it with the right light. With these devices, it is easy to go from a party lighting to a romantic dinner setting, with just a tap of a button. Isn’t that just perfect?


The days of having a security guard, to guard your house, is so-not in vogue anymore. The in-thing now in home automation is having a full CCTV-surveillance system. Most people opt for the basic Door-video phone and sensor alarms that tick off when it senses an intruder. The security automation space is quite diverse with many other high-end sensors, monitors and even drones that secure you homes. The very famous security automation in India, currently, is the fingerprint and bio-metric locks. Remember those James Bond movies with Iris scanners? That’s not science fiction anymore. More and more home owners have started to opt for these high end safety gadgets to safeguard their homes. Also, there are cameras that link to the Smart phones that let you watch your homes like a hawk.


The very famous automation device in India, right now is the climate control gadget. This lets the homeowners access the air-conditioner, or fans or the heaters in the house to accordingly change as per predetermined conditions or the temperature outside. This is a very famous gadget in India, as the climate in India is tropical and the major worry of every Indian is that, either it’s too hot without the A.C or is too cold with the A.C on. The widget also lets the users choose their ideal temperature, and they can opt to either pre-heat or pre-cool their rooms before entering. The other climate control system is the automatic thermostat. It learns the ideal temperature that the user enjoys and builds a schedule around it.


The new entrant is the Hub. The Hub is the one gadget, designed to control everything! The concern that most people had was that, all these gadgets come with their own blinks and blips and took up so much space. Now, a gadget that connects all the devices is here. The Hub, as they call it, is a central controller that can be programmed to control and operate multiple devices. The hub can be controlled through a smart phone and is available for all the platforms like iOS, android, etc.

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