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2,3,4 BHK Premium Apartments for Sale in Perungudi, Chennai

Top Home Automation Devices

Home Automation is no longer in the domain of add-ons. It has become a basic necessity in most homes. With the current technological advancements, homeowners can customize it according to their ease. Home Automation is not just about security cameras and touch-automated doors. The kind of advancements, the field is seeing, nothing is sci-fi anymore. In India, even though the adoption took off late, there has been a substantial number of adopters in the recent years. From just automating it for security, home owners have now.....


Top home décor trends to look out for in 2016

Every year brings in new trends in fashion, food and fun. The field of home décor is no different. A home is no longer a place to just come back to after work and rest for the night. It’s a personal space that often reflects your personal sense of style. Keeping your home up to date with the popular trends world over is the perfect way to ensure that your home is trendy and stylish like you! We have put together the top decorating trends to look forward to this year.


Types of Interactive Spaces that define a vibrant apartment community

As more and more people come into the city, the role that an urban living space plays has become more important than ever. Gone are the days, where most people lived within 20 kilometers of where they were born. With better education and job opportunities drawing everyone to the city, our neighbours often double up as surrogate families. A good relationship with the others in your apartment can greatly help an individual or a family cope with the fast paced and often lonely life in a city.


Top Hospitals in Perungudi & OMR

Old Mahaballipuram Road or OMR as it is popularly called has become a paradise for investors and real estate developers and boasts of IT development and good infrastructure. With more people opting to live in OMR basic facilities such as schools, colleges, great retail & dining options and hospitals are also mushrooming. If you live near Perungudi and OMR area and are wondering if there are good hospitals around the area, then you have landed on the right page. Here are some of the top hospitals in Perungudi and OMR.


Best of Dining and Retail on Old Mahaballipuram Road (OMR)

Once considered the outskirts of the city, OMR has now become one of Chennai’s liveliest areas. The real estate growth around this 20 km stretch from Madhya Kailash junction to Siruseri boasts of IT development and good infrastructure.
OMR is also home to many young professionals and who are always on the lookout to unwind over the weekend. The best way to spend a relaxed weekend is with good food & some retail therapy.
There are several dining and retail options that have mushroomed across OMR. So if you live in OMR or are looking to move there, here are some of the best dining and retail option on that stretch. With most of these outlets located not more than 15-20 mins from Falling Waters, Perungudi, one will never be short of options!.


Top Schools in Perungudi & OMR

Buying a house in the newly developed areas such as Old Mahabalipuram Road is the newest trend now. Thanks to the lush green landscapes, state of the art amenities and infrastructure facilities, these new parts of town are hip and happening. The real estate growth around this 20 km stretch is motivated by IT development. Due to this IT development, the profile of people buying houses in the area are the younger generation, some of them with young kids. While moving into a locality, as parents, one of the biggest concerns is the school facilities. Parents are wondering if there are good schools in and around OMR, before they move in there. We are here to solve the issue. Here is a list of top schools in OMR all of which is very close to Falling Waters, Perungudi.


How to find a Perfect Apartment – Things to Know Before you Invest

Today a huge population of people moving to cities like Chennai from across the state, nation and the world is trying to invest a budget apartment, instead of renting a home. This would be an ideal choice to consider, as your investment becomes your wealth, whereas renting becomes only your expense and nothing remains at the end. The apartment culture is growing tremendously in Chennai. However, with numbers of choices available in and around the city, something that you must do is to find the perfect one for you and your family. To help you find the right apartment and make your investment meaningful, here is a guide for you:

  1. Visit numbers of time to the location before you buy the apartment. This will help you know better about the location and decide whether it suits you or not.
  2. Check out with the neighborhood. This will help you know much better about the apartment you are about to buy.
  3. Prepare numbers of questions, exhibiting all your doubts. You must also be aware of the basics and papers or documents to be checked when buying the apartment.
  4. Try to know about the builder or construction company you are approaching. This is very important, because an experienced builder will concentrate on quality construction unlike new builder. They emphasize on following state set standards of construction that last long for many years
  5. Cost of the apartment. This is another important criteria to check. Make sure that the apartment you buy is within your affordability.

Want to find the Best Apartment In Chennai and Surrounding Region – Here are some Interesting Tips

Cities like Chennai are developing rapidly with the establishment of IT sectors, corporate companies and other industries. This attracts a huge population towards Chennai in search of their career and livelihood. Although there are many houses available for rent, is that possible for everyone to rent as they desire? Besides, renting home will end up in many difficulties, including paying rent to adjusting to everything according to the owner’s condition. This may put you in the pressure of staying as a refugee, while paying for your accommodation. To avoid such awkward condition, the only solution available to you is to own an apartment.

Understanding the importance of owning a house in this fast growing city, many builders and realtors are coming up with many projects in and around Chennai. Such projects will enable you to find the apartments within your expected budget range and size or area. However, the foremost thing you must consider is buying the right home. Here are some tips to help you find the best apartment in Chennai:

  1. Location of the apartment, prime or busy region of the city
  2. Amenities available in the surrounding area such as public transportation, schools, hospitals, temples and market or grocery stores.
  3. Features of the apartment, such as water and power backup, security, maintenance and more .
  4. Cost of the apartment. Make sure that you don’t pay more for the apartment, therefore, make a thorough research before you invest
  5. Quality of construction does matters. Try to ensure that the building is constructed according to the construction standards set by the state government

How Beneficial are the Housing Apartments in Chennai?

In past one decade, we find many changes in the lifestyle of people, especially in the fast growing cities like Chennai. Gone are the days people preferred individual homes, today a huge population goes towards choosing apartments to accommodate and live. This is because; apartments are offering many great benefits and advantages to everyone.

There are some obvious reasons to favor the apartment’s lifestyle. To point a few: Individual houses are certainly expensive. This becomes beyond your affordability to own an individual house. Therefore, those with the dream to buy a home go only a dream and never become true. But apartments are the great gifts for the people with even average income to own a home within their budget limits. Moreover, the availability of Housing Apartments in Chennai within your preferred location is an other great thing to say about housing projects. Therefore, now everyone’s dream can come true by owning an apartment.

The next best thing to say about apartment lifestyle is families living together with the brotherhood in one building. This increases the social strength and unity among people. Whereas, in individual houses, you are certainly isolated from your neighbors, unless you voluntarily go to talk with them. Moreover, such united lifestyle will also keep you protected and secured from unwanted problems like theft and other issues.

The lifestyle of choosing an apartment is growing fast to all regions of the nation and almost everyone prefers this. However, it is also very important to make sure that you are buying quality homes and values for the money you spend to buy. Whether it is renowned builder or a new one in the industry, it is your duty to take some efforts to ensure buying best apartments.

Housing Apartments in Chennai

What to consider when Looking for Housing Projects in Chennai

Buying home in Chennai is not as simple like shopping for your appliances or other products. It does require many things to consider and keep in mind while you search for the Housing Projects in Chennai. There are numbers of housing projects on going in Chennai. These projects are encouraging many people to buy apartments, according to their budget limitations. Although you could find a home within your budget, there are still many factors you must consider to ensure if you are buying quality homes.

Here are a few things to consider when you are looking for budget housing projects in Chennai:

  1. Consider the location you need to accommodate. Make sure that the location you are looking for is not only near to your office, schools or relatives, but it must also have other essential amenities surrounding like public transportation, shops, markets, hospitals and schools.
  2. Consider your budget. Make sure that the homes you are looking for is within your expected limits. The budget does matter when you are looking for home, as it must be within your manageable limits along with other expenses.
  3. Quality of home. This is an other important thing. Regardless of the budget homes, you must ensure that the quality of construction and materials used is not compromised in their quality. This is very important to live in a building that last at least for a few decades without any problem.
  4. Vastu is an other important thing that influences your life more. Ensure that the home is built according vastu in a perfect manner

New Housing Projects in Chennai - Find the Best Apartments at Affordable Costs

Today there are numbers of housing projects going on in Chennai. Chennai is one of the fastest growing cities in India attracting huge population to find their livelihood here. The growth of IT sectors, infrastructure, establishments of MNC companies and many more are making people to find their jobs in Chennai and as the result find their homes in the surrounding locations to accommodate.

Although there are many houses and apartments available for rents, this is always a menace with monthly commitment, which does not give any returns other than sheltering for some period. Moreover, there also other terms and conditions you need to follow when you are renting a home. You will in fact lose your entire freedom of life living in a rented home, regardless of the rent amount you pay.

But the New Housing Projects in Chennai emerging across the city and in the surrounding regions are paving wonderful options for the home seekers to own rather than renting. They also help you to get a loan from recognized banks to own an apartment. This further makes your effort easier. Remember, owning an apartment and paying your monthly housing, EMI does gives you a return by the end of term by leaving you a property, which would have definitely increased in value. Therefore, this makes it to be the best choice to own a home than renting. Moreover, the availability of many housing projects offering apartments in different area sizes and options such as 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHk and 4 BHK increases your flexibility to choose the homes according to your budget criteria.

Want to Buy New Apartments in Chennai - A Guide to Buy Best Homes

Buying home in fast growing city like Chennai is no more a difficult task. There are many ongoing and upcoming projects in Chennai promoting numbers of residential villas, individual homes, budget and luxury homes, which people are looking for. Besides the availability of homes in different areas, types like 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK in various locations further attracts people to invest and own a home. However, regardless of many opportunities to easily invest and own New Apartments in Chennai, it is imperative to consider a few things to buy the best one.

Here are a few things to consider buying the best homes as you desire:

  1. Here are a few things to consider buying the best homes as you desire:
  2. Analyze the location, where you exactly want to invest.
  3. Make sure if the location has all essential and fundamental amenities like schools, temples, public and private transportations, hospitals and many more.
  4. Try to ensure the builder you are approaching is renowned and experienced in the industry
  5. Make sure the apartment you are investing in is of reasonable cost
  6. Ensure the materials used for construction are of top quality and the building is constructed according to the state’s standard of construction.

Besides these considerations, there are still many factors to consider. You must also ensure if the house is built according to the vastu compliances, which is very important for peaceful and successful life. Make sure that all the rooms of apartment are spaciously built to accommodate your family in a comfortable way. Taking all these elements into consideration can help you find the best apartment as you desire at best costs.

Why people buy residential luxury apartments in OMR?...

Chennai is the rapidly growing city. With the fast development, the city is expanding tremendously in all sides and especially in south and southeast regions. In this array, OMR is one of the remarkable regions of Chennai developing fast. There can be many reasons for why people specifically choose to migrate and find their livelihood in OMR. Here are the 5 best reasons to favor your search for homes near OMR:

  1. Emergence of numbers of IT companies and MNC companies in OMR. There is nothing to deny that right from Tidal Park in OMR to the SIPCOT, there are still many other large IT companies emerging throughout the OMR. This undeniably attracts a huge population to reside near OMR and surrounding regions.
  2. Increase in the value of residential projects over the days. The increase in need for residential lands and apartments, their value is also increasing majorly. This states that your investment always worth a lot benefiting not only you, but your following generations.
  3. Emergence of many large shopping complexes, schools and colleges. The development of surrounding regions in and near OMR, many schools and colleges are also emerging to provide quality education to children in these locations. Thus, you can give quality education to your children in a nearby location, then travelling a long distance to renowned schools.
  4. Expansion of the city with increase in population. The city is widely expanding with the development in every aspect including markets, shopping complexes, hospitals, temples and many others.
  5. Round the clock availability of public transportation, metro railways and other transports.

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